The list

Signs that you are a Sheltered Evangelical: the List

I hope to eventually tackle each of the subjects listed here.  You can think of this as a sort of table of contents, or a preview of what this blog hopes to cover.  The order of topics is not relevant and I will probably eventually add more.  Without further ado… here are 20 ways you might know you are a Sheltered Evangelical!

1) You think sexual attraction is a sin.
2) Atheists are scary.
3) You are a homophobe because you really ARE scared of the gays.
4) You cry after you masturbate.
5) You feel like a failure if you DON’T shove your religion down peoples’ throats.
6) You are always guilty.
7) You are taught to ask questions to secular people, but shot down if you ask questions about religion.
8) You think that cleavage-displaying women on youtube is porn.
9) You are told that sex is wonderful but have no idea how it works.
10) You think a lack of sexual attraction in a relationship is a GOOD thing.
11) Your evolutionist friends turn out to be more tolerant of your ideas than you are of theirs.
12) Your “normal” peers can’t understand how a seemingly-smart person could have been taken in by so much bullshit indoctrination.
13) You think that your first-ever relationship MUST end in marriage or you will no longer be a suitible partner.
14) You still think you are required to obey your parents even after you are an adult.
15) You believe having a dissenting opinion is sinful.
16) In college, you aren’t sure which words are swears and which ones are safe to repeat.
17) You didn’t know that women could orgasm.
18) You were always taught to “just say no” but were also drilled in absolute obedience.
19) Rape fantasies are the only way you can “get off” because consent to sex feels sinful.
20) You think men can’t control their lust and your body is the problem.


4 responses

  1. Anna, my initial thoughts about ‘The list’:
    1. This is gold. To me (grin) this is important stuff that is hard to find.
    2. The mind being used as a weapon against itself
    3. That Stoics would make the best exorcists. These lines from that old movie “The Exorcist” crossed my mind:
    Father Merrin: Especially important is the warning to avoid conversations with the demon. We may ask what is relevant but anything beyond that is dangerous. He is a liar. The demon is a liar. He will lie to confuse us. But he will also mix lies with the truth to attack us. The attack is psychological, Damien, and powerful. So don’t listen to him. Remember that – do not listen.
    Similar Sturm und Drang. So far as the supernatural, I’m not a believer anymore. But the actuality of psychological coercion goes without saying. I feel that how to handle various xian psychological attacks is something that should be revealed for wide consumption on YouTube.
    I’d like to go thru this list and devel categories of what stratagem was being used, and of course it’s falsity (like #18). Say which one is typical, which one is particular… actually each could be a post/video itself! With your permission & thanks again for sharing.
    ps. Feel free to PM me on YouTube with ideas anytime 🙂

    1. I think most of the things listed here can fall under just a few categories of social-psychological phenomena. The main ones are:

      Obedience to Authority (7,11,14,15,18): You feel unable or unworthy to question a certain authority (parents, Bible, church, etc) and obey the mandates given by this authority, even when it may seem unethical or counter-intuitive. Often this control is exerted through shaming, threats (hell), or confusion (causing a person to assume that they know less about the situation than the authority). Once the subject is well-indoctrinated by the authority, the authority can cause the subject to even harm his/herself or others while convincing them it is for their own good (see the Milgram experiment).

      Deindividuation (3,5,11,12,15,20): You become assimilated into the group to the point that individual traits become suppressed and/or discouraged. The subject tends to think that personal opinions, ideas, or input is disruptive and harmful.

      Ignorance (4,8,9,10,16,17): You are simply ignorant of basic information that an average member of society would have. This ignorance can cause foolish or harmful decisions, confusion, alienation, and shame.

      Group Narcissism (2,3,5,11,15): You have an inflated opinion of your in-group and a poor opinion of out-groups. You assume that your society is more enlightened, correct, and capable than other societies. The result is often a disdain or fear of others, resulting in combative behavior, isolation, a lack of respect for others’ boundaries, and an inability to correctly assess the flaws of one’s own group.

      Those that were not listed here are generally a bit too specific to be directly categorized in one of these four groups. However, most of them can still be traced back to some combination of the above. For instance, my belief that I must marry my first dating partner stemmed from lessons that I had been taught when I was a young teen. I accepted this doctrine without question because Obedience to Authority was expected, I felt individual opinions were useless, I was ignorant of any other viewpoints, and I was convinced that my group MUST have the right idea. I hope this offers a little food for thought. Thanks for commenting!

      1. Definitely a good video if you ever feel like collaboration. You know where to find me 🙂

  2. a. Bible-Based (Authority Totalising, the Ultimate Court Decision)
    b. Church-Teaching (the Mechanism for admissible learning)
    c. Groupthink (Group Harmonization & Herding)
    d. Stifling Self-Expression (Discrete Suppression)
    e. Patriarchal (Ancestor-Worship & Primacy)
    f. Hate Re-Direction (Valving the Dissonance towards something)
    g. Unavoidable Self-Discovery (Belief thorns)
    h. Needs some further Clarification (NsfC)
    1. a, b, c, d
    2. a, c, f
    3. a, b, c, f, h
    4. d, g
    5. c, f
    6. a, b, c
    7. b, c, g
    8. d, g
    9. g
    10. a, b, c
    11. g
    12. g, h
    13. b, c
    14. b, e
    15. a, b, c
    16. g
    17. g, h
    18. c, g
    19. f
    20. a, b, g

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